Thursday, December 11, 2008

Unruh - Misery Strengthen Faith

Here's another underestimated band. I know really little about Unruh, I downloaded few years ago their CD by "mistake", but hell, it was worth every megabyte occupied on my slow computer. They play some sort of very metallic and sludgy hardcore punk with heavy sound, tempos that run from blast beats and crossover rythms to stoner and kicking ass breakdowns, all fronted by an ill-pissed-desperate voice that makes your skin crawl. Their lyrics are very introspective and deep but indeed require thinking, dont miss a chance to listen to this one.
for tom



Sabib Sabiba said...

The download link leads to the image cover :\

anarchopie said...


Sabib Sabiba said...

Thanks, can't wait to hear it :)

Mike Hanus said...

Hey you got anything else by this band? They slay!