Friday, December 12, 2008

Italy Eighties part 1

Ok, this one is gonna be quite a long post. I decided to make it just in order to present some crucial history/discography of what happened in italian hardcore scene at the beginning of the eighties, one of the most furious, raging and active countries where punk rock ever stepped. Since it's impossible for me to resume everything in one post i'm just gonna speak of the albums and bands that influenced me.


All right, this has nothing to do with the bands I'm gonna speak of later, but it's definitly the punkest thing that ever came out of Italy. Tampax and Hitler SS are the first italian punk bands ever. They come from a provincial shithole called Pordenone and they started playin back in 1977. This split than is the first spaghetti punk piece, and believe me, it's worth every second of it. Dirty, disgusting 77punk punk played with high irony. Some of the songs here for me meant nights of non-stopping laugh. Awesome



This band was one of the most politically outspoken bands in Italy, active between 1982 and 1984 in Torino. Raw, dirty and screaming oldschool hardcore punk built mainly on slogans ("we will piss on your graves"style, as you can see one slogans still were punkish and not PC like today). Very active in the squatting of the historic "Virus" squat, fundamental act for those years. What I post here is the "Vanichiglia" demo from 1982. By the way this band is what came before Negazione.



Let's stay in Torino, which many consider the biggest hardcore city in italy's eighties. Blue Vomit was an extreme expression of irony and nihilism. Fast, raw, dirty, catchy and sometimes dark hardcore punk with misanthropic and sarcastic attitude (song titles like "I dont stand up in the bus for old men", "I live in a dead city", "Vaffanculo"). These dudes were active between 1978 and 1983 and released only two demos, of which I'm gonna upload only the better second one. Their singer was Luca Abort, the guy which founded later Nerorgasmo, and died few years ago with a needle in his veins.


With no doubts the darkest band that ever took place in Italy in the eighties. Formed by Luca Abort (Blue Vomit) and Simone Chinotto, Nerorgasmo played a slow and guttural kind of hardcore punk, with extremely individual and nihilistic lyrics that mainly dealt with the urban decayTheir years of activity were 1984-1993, the year when their singer was found dead of O.D. Some consider them the italian version of The Germs, but I'm really not convinced about that, I'd rather define them unique and unimitable. They released only two records, an EP in 1985 with guttural shouts and an LP in 1993 with much better sound and totally different singing. Both I uploaded.



One of the best bands posted here if you ask my opinion. Still Torino, still raging hardcore. Active between 1982 and 1985, Declino released two EPs and a split tape with Negazione. Declino's music was some sort of italianized oldschool hardcore, with very fast parts, raw sound and crude melodies. But indeed they knew how to play. They were the first straight edge band in italy, though their attitude wasnt at all connected to their personal choices, and as far as i know they never played with X on their hands. Their lyrics also dealt with alienation in modern society in a great way, and their approach to reality was really awesome.
What I uploaded of them is a collection of their best songs that was released in 2004


all right im tired now so thats enough for today. but this is only the beginning, enjoy!

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