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Punk rock journey review

I've been missing out Israel for 3 months, also missing this great great blog so got some stuff to catch up. but before that. I'll put some stuff I had the great chance to see live that are still missing in this big whole music blog database:

start with Fucked Up some say "experimental hardcore", for me its just another great hardcore band influenced by early 80's american punk rock bands, only doing it more rich and filled sound, songs and records are maybe too long for a punk band. ( I think) their newest release kinda suck with guitar effects and sound effects which aren't necessary at all in punk rock music, still their 2006's huge release - hidden world is awesome. although I prefer their very early releases the most, all those little 7" are their best, not too long and still kick ass in their fucked up way.
like many bands today playing punk, they more likely doing the "real thing" on the live show, the recordings are cool, but the live show is awesome, rich sound by 3 guitarists, a female bass player that looks kind of shy and vulnerable although she's very protruding and kick ass. The singer is the most entertaining person in fucked up's live show, weather he is talking and showing warm and love to the German's cold crowed, or spend most of the show being in the crowed searchign for some who know the songs lyrics or just picking up people to crowd surf.
amazing band kizer, there are tons of deep reviews about their music over the internet, if you are really interested although i think its not that important - just listen to the band dammit.

Fucked up early 7"s (02-07)

Two snakes 7"

Let likes be cured by likes

Hidden world part 1

Hidden world part 2

Dean Dirg warmed up for Fucked up. I think Germany heroes of fast, short, loud and oldschool punk rock. for me sounds like these guys dedicated a lot of listening to Zero Boys, Angry Samoans, Adolescents, D.I, and shitloads of old fast hardcore music.
German crowd seem to like them alot, pogo dancing and stage diving of course, the singer like to attend to the show with glamorous shining clothing, which is funny, though different but after all it is 2008 and they are playing 80's kinda punk rock.
During Brutal Assault's tour last year they had a show with Dean Dirg.

Last kid on the block


Paint it black are a great live hardcore band, although they also have been through a change since their 2008's release which is not their best in my opinion, also including sound effects which suck.Like a lot of hardcore bands these days achieving some success and then trying to reach some top and get more famous (?), I think they also had this twist to be more "experimental" which is not so good for hardcore bands.Dan Yemin is a band member of more known melodic hardcore punk bands - Lifetime and Kid Dynamite - only in this case he steps toward the mic and he does it EXTREME!
They toured with Trash Talk which I missed in this whole big ZXZW festival that happened in Tilburg, Netherlands, which also Suckinim Baenaim took part in.



New Lexicon

Hanson Brothers are - post-Ramones, very obsessed with hockey sports, made by punk rock oldies - punk rock band from Canada. not much people reading this blog are into this popish punk rock but they do it really awesome and really rock n roll - like the Ramones!. I haven't dedicated much to NoMeansNo but their drummer is the lead singer of the Hanson Brothers. They are all old, drunk, acting nonadult like which was really funny to see. they played with the Apers, that also play a really popy- punkrock. I guess the thing at their show was to hear their sinegr making laugh of their SxE guitarist which doesn't drink beer, which I personaly think is really rare to find in t hose kind of pop-punk bands, but of course - it doesn't matter.

My Game

Gross misconduct

Sudden Death

Seein Red are pretty known hardcore punk band from the Netherlands, except making jokes of their age and being SxE they played the roughest show I've seen in Germany. I saw RED, along with jumping or just playing so rough and tight. They have tons of releases and splits, so this is only a small taste of this very aggresive political hardcore punk la partzuf

Split w/ Shikari

Chuck Damage oldschool aggressive hardcore punk very influenced by Negative Approach, Posin Idea, Tear It Up. Reminded me very much of Brutal Assault. coming from Munster, Germany. The drummer Jan is a real cool guy that plays also in 2 other hardcore punk bands - Nervous Breakdown and Toxic Revolution.

Chuck Damage 7"

Nervous Breakdown had a show with Mondo Gecko in Mainz - Haus Mainus place - which I would have seen only if I wasn't that dumb enough to fall asleep in a car because of antibiotics weakness, you can watch the hell that mondo gecko organized for this show here - at that same place about a month earlier FxPxO - hardcore band from Macedonia - had a show with Suckinim Baenaim and Vaseline Children which declared to be "cavemen people" and because of that do not own a myspace page. Vaseline children reminded me very much of Tear it up, but weren't that exciting for me. and f.p.o was like the European Brutal Assault, only the music was less interesting then them.

FxPxO - giving birth in order to kill

La Casa Fantom (official website) are 2 men band, bass and drums, both sings, and dig in the dark melodic crust punk - way, I don't know how to determine it and so does the band members, it's really not important anyway. I think the most DIY from all bands I've seen these guys, apparently have their own place in the forest to make and record their music. you can dig about them more in their official website but more important just listen to them!
They played a really long set a the Haus Mainush, the crowd just couldn't get enough and it looked like the band played like4-5 songs more then they planned.

Ingen ny dag

November 13th melodic crust punk band, for me sounds like another band f ollowing Tragedy only better and not another cheap attemp to copy them, but jsut improving it with richer drummings and guitars, doing it in a very punk rock way.
I talked with the bass player/ vocalist which for him November 13th is a hardcore band, not reffering much to crust common boredom.
unforthenatly I didnt find the band's albums online, so theres a myspace page and an official one

Grinding Halt I really don't know about this one, it reminds me of Shikari, like a fast thrashy crust hardcore band.
at the ZXZW festival in Tilburg, Netherlands they replaced for Seein Red which canceld at the very end. Again - only myspace for this till maybe I'll find a way to rip vinyls to mp3 (the same with Novermber 13th). but check them out really good heavy shit to hear. official website

Ding Dong Dead I'm not a fan of screamo at all, but this band is sick, the drummer plays for 5 years and taught himself to play the drums, 2 gifted guitarist who propably spent some time on their tools, and yeah of course - 2 throats grinding singers.
They played twice with Suckinim Baenaim a day after another in Munster and in Osnabruck which are realy close. I don't know much how screamo sounds beside Orchid and maybe a few more but this one is extraordinary for sure breaks a few screamo boundries

Tour Ep 2008

I was pretty sure that Torche was mentioned here before. I heard about them a short time after they released their latest album. I've seen them live also at the ZXZW fest'. a really cool sludg metal band, their latest is more soft, melodic and punk rock then the genre given to them, I still didnt hear their older stuff or the side project bands, so I can't relate to their past or musical backgroud but it sounds heavy though still melodically sweet. they played on Orange amps and blast the place with bass vibes, also outro their show with a very long play, just digging peoples minds plugging a loose stings guitar at the end of their show just for that, besides that they gave a really great warm show.


Hongo that I posted in the past spanish fellows quit change their direction to more heavy crust /metal something,I think their first 2004 demo is the greatest. they had their show at the Schnapsfabric, together with a local crust/punk band- Status//Hysterie and also a band named Confused which seem to be like an old punk rock legend from Germany that had their last tour (and also last show that same night).
Suckinim Baenaim had a show with Los Dolares from spain and Wartorn from the US, both play kind of crust/punk stuff which I'm not into, besides that great people.
along with the crusty Germany also ran into Disfear , Victims and Post War Depression.
doom/metal is not my thing, but seeing live performance of doom is awesome! B.son (Black Shape Of Nexus) is the first and by now the only doom metal I've seen live, and it was amazing I never thought I could enjoy a slow heavy drum beat (only live!).
One thing for sure if you like crust music you should definitely move to Germany, Sweden or any other EU country.

I think that's it for the Germany/Netherlands journey review. All the things been said from a personal point of view not judging or criticizing, I wish only good luck for these bands specially for those who are still trying to distribute their name and get bigger there in the EU countries and their local scenes.
blablabla and may garlic forces will be with you all!


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