Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Aldebaran - Dwellers In Twilight

After a 7” single and two split releases with Rue and Sod Hauler, the time has come for the first full length album of this Portland’s trio. ALDEBARAN play doom/sludge and all their previous works forced a lot people of the genre to notice them… “Dwellers In Twilight” includes three epic songs which balance between the traditional U.S. doom riffing and the nihilistic sludge core aesthetic. The band combines the classic slow doom metal sound with the sludge aggression in a very successful way and as a brilliant result of this the songs are not boring at all, no matter how long they last…On the other hand both three songs run over the listener with their supreme heaviness! The dual vocals add more brutality to the total evilness and blackened attitude-lyrics of the band.

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