Monday, June 23, 2008

Magrudergrind&Saity's Dawn - Humanity In Decline Split EP

Here's something more likely connected to what usually is posted on this blog. This is a split between two awesome bands some of you might know already. For those who dont, here's some lazy description: Magrudergrind hail from Washington DC and they play some sort of extremely fast thrash-violence. One guitar, no bass, raging vocals, fukken awesome. Sanitys Dawn are similar by gender, though their songs sometime remind more czech fastcore bands. They're german, which sucks, but they absolutely kick ass with over 18 years of carreer. This split is from '05 and its speed will blow your guts out.




control delete said...

sanaty's dawn now became more grindcore/powerviolence then before. you all should listen to the album Mangled in The Meatgrinder from 98. much more goregrind in the old filthy groovy way...

left_hand said...

thanks, always wanted to check out Magrudergrind. by the way, can someone post something good by Noothgrush?