Monday, June 23, 2008

Colonna Infame Skinhead

Ok, this is some unusual post for me. Colonna Infame Skinhead is probably the best oi! band ever existing, and also one of the most particular. They were formed around 95 by a skinhead and three hardcore kids including Paolo Petraglia on voice, allmighty singer of Comrades, roman ThrashGrindHC a go go legends. The intention in forming the band, writes Paolo in an interview, was to revive angry street Oi! that back in the nineties was only in hands of RAC bands. I'm not a big fan of Oi!, but this band means a lot for me, they're angry, heavy and theyre music very often ends up in hardcore punk rather than Oi!. Every song is an anthem, good to listen to while biking. What im posting here is a discography, including some of the best Oi!Core riffs ever written. For everyone, even anti-oi lazy asses like some who post on this blog (uhmn....)
They broke up in 98 and reunited for two years in 99. Paolo, that also left Comrades back in 2001, owns s.o.a. records, one of the best places to get some good hardcore vinyls and CDs. Roberto', another ex-C.I.S. militant, runs a punk-hardcore-grind-thrash-trash-soul-funk record store in Rome, Hellnation, if you ever end up in Rome I assure you a visit there is more adviced than the coliseum.

But fuck gossips, less talk more rock, nah?


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