Wednesday, June 25, 2008


its so hot out side but im stoned so everything is going realy slow and i dont care.
now slower...

here is a split cd between NOOTHGRASH from california featuring ex and present members of exhumed, repulsion, asbestos deth. and the all famous japanese CORRUPTED that if you didnt know most of the songs are in spanish (weird).
(left hand here you go...)
noothgrush corrupted split

and this one is a full album from STUMM called "I". they are hailing from finland dwelling in apocalyptic lo-fi sludge/drone swamp. if you like realy slow stuff like khanate or sun O))) and boris you like this for sure.
stumm's homepage

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left_hand said...

thanks man, will check out. did you listen to gridlink? i really liked them