Wednesday, June 18, 2008

GridLink - Amber Gray

I think it was Tom that posted an album by the great Discordance Axis (thanks man) so this one's dedicated to you: GridLink is a new grindcore band sharing a singer with DA, and they are selling their first new album now called Amber Gray in Hydra Head's webstore. They have a song in their myspace, couldn't find a link yet, would someone give a hand?



left_hand said...

so.. no comments cause nobody reads? nobody likes the stuff? if you listen to something, comment. let me know I'm not doing it for myself.

anarchopie said...

yeah it sux people here mostly care only about posting their own stuff without downloading other people's and/or commenting.
still' i liked discordance axis and whenever ill have time ill listen a bit to this gridlink you posted.
continue like this stuff you post usually is some of the best and refreshing you can find on this blog

left_hand said...

thanks. here's a link for the album:

Critical said...

Haha I found this blog when trying to search for Amber Gray ahead of the release date.

I'm going to begin reading this blog regularly since you have a cool cross section of music: powerviolence, punk and grind. I like the little personal blurbs you give to each release too, it's a nice touch.

Cheers! Oh and open your comments up to anon and non-blogger users!

left_hand said...

got a VERY positive review @ Lambgoat:

wayNe said...

Dude, thanks so much for this, I couldn't find the download anywhere. I read regularly so keep this shit up. :D

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